August 2021 Island Trip – Day 4

We started the morning with tea, and pumpkin pancakes with big fat blueberries in them. Mid-morning my tenant and I spent way more time than necessary renewing the lease on the house. We enjoy each other’s company, and kept wandering down conversational paths. She thanked me for the ‘opportunity to re-lease the house.’ I kept […]

August 2021 Island Trip – Day 3

I spent the bulk of the day listening to music, drinking tea, and sewing. It was kinda wonderful. Last year I took what’s called a ‘layer cake,’ in the quilting world (dye-cut 10” squares), of heathered flannels and created a pleasing layout on Stella’s bed. I picked up the fabric carefully so I could recreate […]

August 2021 Island Trip – Day 2

I got that spot mowing done, and sprayed for weeds in areas that are too large to clear by hand. My eastern neighbor stopped by and we caught up for most of an hour. After lunch I ran errands, including filling one of the propane tanks. These tanks have sensors on them so, at a […]

August 2021 Island Trip – Day 1

Taking the late morning boat is an easy way to start the day. I even got into town early enough to have a frolic at the fabric store before heading to the ferry terminal. The boat left a little late, but it did leave. Increased sailings are being cancelled due to lack of certified crew. […]

August 2021 Trip – T-Minus Half a Day

I head out tomorrow morning for a 4-night stay on the Island. My 40th high school reunion is over this weekend. Fitting in time for some business, lighting improvements in the lower barn, checking on the apples and plums, probable mowing (rain makes the grass grow), and dinner with Tim will fill the rest of […]


Friends left this morning after a four night stay. They are on a three state round-trip road-trip in their hot rod. This is a car that makes you jump when it starts should you not be expecting the roar. I’ve known her for more than 36-years. He is her third and best husband. It was […]

A Humming Bird Named “Asshole”

I attached a birch branch to a corner of our upper deck railing for a vining annual to grow on. The plant happily took over the branch until it drowned when its pot stopped draining. Alas. I swapped out the pot, added a another plant, and left the birch branch in place. We have two […]


I’ve mentioned more than once how my parent’s belongings filled up a tremendous amount of cubic in our home, and the relief I felt at reclaiming one guess bedroom, albeit one of its walls serves as a library. We have company coming in for the weekend, which has sent me on a moderate cobweb and […]


Our mainland septic system tossed us a mini worry today. My nose told me something was up! I was heading downstairs and smelled something stinky. Not exactly sewage, but not pleasant either (grey water is most odiferous). My first stop was the downstairs bathroom where indeed there was water on the floor. I flushed the […]

Transparency in Piggyback Stress

It took more than a year after my mother’s death to allow these thoughts to run through my head in full sentences: Mom’s illness was incredibly stressful. This doesn’t need further parsing. After my dad died, the weight of the consequences of her illness, all of them, fell to me, a natural outcome as her […]