Just signed a sales agreement for mom’s mainland house for ten grand over the asking price. The buyers are well qualified, do not have a house to sell, and want a very short escrow. Like 34-days, shorter if feasible. I don’t know whether to cry, jump for joy, clean, sew, bake, or take a nap… […]

Cat Wars

Elvis is increasingly aggressive with our incumbent cat. After arriving home yesterday, Incumbacat jumped off a stool, and Elvis took after him. My yelling and chasing did nothing to discourage him. He, in fact, kept after Incumbakitty, with me after the two of them. They had two serious knock down drag outs. Elvis was banished […]

Four Months

I woke up this morning inches from the Canadian boarder in a tiny town where my last garden roll out is taking place. It took over five hours to get here. The drive was mostly beautiful with lakes and rivers accompanying me along the way. Driving through burnt out national forest land was both very […]

Mainland House

I’ve spent a lot of time readying the Mainland house to hit the market on the 24th. It’s been like being a general contractor while attempting to get my own work done… Everyone comes to me for council, and I work on not letting the distractions drive me batty! Multitasking is not my strong suit […]

This happened today…

A beautiful 1999 31’ Airstream Excella that will be our second home on the Island property. Sketchy window valances aside she is good to go. 🦩


The cleaning is 100’s more than I expected. When my housekeeper started sending me pics, I was taken aback. When I went to see the house after work (furniture removed) it was worse than the photos. Cobwebs, hills of dust behind where furniture was, pink mold all over the shower… Greasy countertops… I won’t continue. […]

House Prep

This week sees a lot of movement on the mainland house sale prep. Move out, window, and carpet cleaning, and staging will all take place this week. Repairs will start this week as well. As soon as the air quality notches down below ‘very unhealthy,’ I’ll get back to finishing the last of the garden […]


I don’t have control over: The west coast fires or our horrendous air quality. The inability to take walks due to the above, or work on the garden at mom’s mainland house due to the above. The corona virus, and its effects on our personal or collective lives. My uncle’s advancing dementia. Anxiety dreams. Murder […]

Real Estate Meeting

I met yesterday late-morning at the Mainland house with the local real estate agent. She was perfectly complimentary about the house and property. I was kinda alarmed at the condition of the property… Basically, shit everywhere. Things that I would throw away as a matter of course are sprinkled all over the exterior. The tenant […]

Barn Pics

After my dad died, the Amazing Neighbor and my mom couldn’t enter the upper barn. There was no way to get into the building. Things are better now.