Short June Island Trip 2023 – Days 2 & 3

Day 2: I essentially mowed all day. Six hours. I’ll try not to do that again. The landscape is not smooth. This is old pasture land that foxes and rabbits have burrowed in over the years. Lots of lumps and bumps. It looks incredible, and I am sore! My AN stopped by and consulted on […]

Short June 2023 Island Trip – Day 1

The day has been long and good. It started with a tour of one of our regional gardens with my tenants! They stopped by our place, did a quick tour of our garden, and then we drove to the regional garden. At one point I was asked, “Are you soaking up all this Latin?” Um, […]


Yesterday we returned from six nights camping. We visited two of our state’s volcanos, spent a day enjoying an old town, and dinner with my DH’s bestie, a day poking around the local terrain, and a day ‘in camp.’ While the days were very full, this seems to be the only way we relax. Exploring […]

May 2023 Photos

My DH is the shutter bug of the family. I do what I can, but am usually too busy doing. I’m thankful he’s recording 💜.

Three Years

Mom died three years ago today. Fitting that I started my day on the property she loved so much. Her passing seems like yesterday, and forever ago, all at the same time. I miss her, who she was. I don’t miss who dementia turned her into. Mostly. I don’t think she would miss that person […]

May 2023 Island Trip – Day 8

I was able to get on an earlier boat than my reserved sailing. This put me three hours up on the day, despite hitting Snooze on my alarm for an hour. Yes, I stayed up way too late last night. I paused at a fabric store on the mainland, being ahead of schedule. Interestingly, no […]

May 2023 Island Trip – Day 7

As we left out tenant’s last night, I was seriously encouraged not to work so hard today. I responded with a salute and a wink. Around 6 this morning I wondered how to be productive without working… After sleeping in and having an improvisational breakfast (only two fresh eggs 😳, with leftover chicken sausage 😀), […]

May 2023 Island Trip – Day 6

We had late breakfast, and then headed to the garden to address the home stretch of the irrigation. The long and short of all the steps is that we got there! The renewed garden is now on auto-water! The tenants are delighted! While they enjoy watering, this is a better thing. Our tenants finished refurbing, […]

May 2023 Island Trip – Day 5

After taking recycling to the transfer station (a chargeable event by garbage can size, so everything is squished as small as possible), I went to the quarry less than two miles from us for 1/2 a yard of gravel. I’ve never seen a site where gravel and rock is produced. It was other-worldly. A craggy […]

May 2023 Island Trip – Day 4

Irrigation got much further along than I expected today. I dug a narrow trench, with the aid of the tenants’ pick axe, after discovering that under the narrow bit of turf, I wanted to bury the supply line in, there was rock, some of it quite large! After tucking the line in and burying it, […]