October 2020 Island Trip – Day 4

The day started with tea and hard boiled eggs accompanied with a list review. I started by loading aluminum window frames into the truck. I never knew these existed. Our Amazing Neighbor unearthed them, probably, when moving the boat. He told me where to take them for recycling. I also moved additional non-aluminum mysteries to […]

October 2020 Island Trip – Day 3

We slept in after a night on our air mattress. This is code for not having slept all that well! We’ve had a high end foam mattress for years. Suddenly having every move the other person makes affect each other, well aren’t we ecstatic that our new Stella mattress arrived today! Stella came with a […]

October 2020 Island Trip – Day 2

I picked up my DH mid-morning, after a stop at the hardware store and kitchen shop. Shortly after our return our Amazing Neighbor showed and kept working. After lunch he came back and graveled the west drive. This put me and my DH to work as the gravel didn’t land exactly where it was supposed […]

First Night in Stella!

Also know as October 2020 Island Trip Day 1. My truck was so full of things for Stella that the doors barely closed. Yes, I could have packed better, and my last couple of weeks of work, plus mainland house activities didn’t leave me any time to finesse my packing job.  My Amazing Neighbor arrived […]

Last Day of Work

My last day of work was the 15th. The thing I first noticed (like at 4:40 that afternoon) was that I no longer needed lots and lots of accumulated email. Probably none of what’s in my inbox, but because the company uses Goggle everything, there’s really no way for them to retain my filed/saved email, […]

Stella’s on the Island!

I took the new trailer, here after known at Stella, up to the Island on Saturday. My daughter, SIL and grandson came with me. We took separate vehicles, and they walked on the ferry. We drove out to the property together. All this to mitigate hours together in the same vehicle. We are all being […]

Mainland House Sale Update

So far, so good… That being said, the bank appraisal took place today. Early this morning I turned on all the lights and set the furnace to 65. Yesterday I set three bouquets of sunflowers around the house. All this on my brokers advice. I assume we’ll hear something early next week I’ve brought a […]

Jane’s Wednesday

This post was supposedly published on Monday of this week, but the post is sitting in ‘Drafts.’ I’m not sure what to make of this anomaly. Rather than edit it, know that Jane and I hung out in the ER a week ago yesterday. My daughter called me Wednesday just as I was leaving a […]


Just signed a sales agreement for mom’s mainland house for ten grand over the asking price. The buyers are well qualified, do not have a house to sell, and want a very short escrow. Like 34-days, shorter if feasible. I don’t know whether to cry, jump for joy, clean, sew, bake, or take a nap… […]

Cat Wars

Elvis is increasingly aggressive with our incumbent cat. After arriving home yesterday, Incumbacat jumped off a stool, and Elvis took after him. My yelling and chasing did nothing to discourage him. He, in fact, kept after Incumbakitty, with me after the two of them. They had two serious knock down drag outs. Elvis was banished […]