CPA Advice

I had a great Zoom meeting with our CPA today. He helped me to further understand/confirm: The fine details of an inherited IRA. How to handle each house in terms of the estate, including expenses, rental income, and which property needs to dabble in the estate verse not. How to handle mom’s pension income, a […]

Elvis Eats

Chives… It shows amazing taste for a cat, but chives? Really? The chives on our upper deck, where most herbs live as they are close to the kitchen, have been mown by 25%. He doesn’t go at them constantly, but when we allow him out (when we’re on the deck) he pauses to have a […]

Write Off

I couldn’t help myself! I made two phone calls, and got that 3.5 year old radiology bill of mom’s written off. The billing office sent an inquiry to their research team. Meanwhile I called the collection agency and had a pleasant chat with the gal who filed the claim against the estate. She explained they […]

Claim Against the Estate

Don’t get excited, it’s for less than $15. However, I am annoyed AF because these folks, who did provide a service, could not have mailed an invoice to the Island house. Here’s why: In late January 2017, mom had a chest X-ray done at the Island hospital due to a persistent cough. I remember this […]

A Friend’s Anger

I have a friend who has been angry about something since we hit adulthood. I’m unsure if she knows she’s angry. She might admit to being self-righteous, certainly right. As the years have gone by, and our kids have taken wing, we don’t see each other or talk as much as we used to. We […]


I find myself in that place where I want to flee. That, or have a serious fence and electric gate put up around the entrance to our property. Maybe I want to flee as much as I want to isolate. I am losing my tolerance for other’s dipshit opinions regarding President Obama’s eulogy for Mr. […]


The baseboard installation got finished today at the Island house. I am over the moon! What an amazing difference this makes to the finish look of the house. 💜


I’ve had a touch of OCD since I was 18. It might be better named ‘control freak’ syndrome. The reasons then, while still with me, aren’t relevant in my life any more. It doesn’t mean the syndrome goes away. I realized today that my OCD was in overdrive as I started to realize something was […]

First Week Back

My first week back at work was OK. I accomplished many things needed in order for us to get back into maintaining the therapy gardens we deployed via the state grant my program runs under. Lots of writing, lots of phone calls, lots of Zoom meetings, and lots of email filing. Tomorrow I am shifting […]

Back to Work

The founder of the company I work for texted me Wednesday to let me know modifications to my program had been approved by the state, and could I start work on Monday, part time. She said more information was inbound, and we could talk about it. I replied how exciting the news was, I was […]