The cleaning is 100’s more than I expected. When my housekeeper started sending me pics, I was taken aback. When I went to see the house after work (furniture removed) it was worse than the photos. Cobwebs, hills of dust behind where furniture was, pink mold all over the shower… Greasy countertops… I won’t continue. […]

House Prep

This week sees a lot of movement on the mainland house sale prep. Move out, window, and carpet cleaning, and staging will all take place this week. Repairs will start this week as well. As soon as the air quality notches down below ‘very unhealthy,’ I’ll get back to finishing the last of the garden […]


I don’t have control over: The west coast fires or our horrendous air quality. The inability to take walks due to the above, or work on the garden at mom’s mainland house due to the above. The corona virus, and its effects on our personal or collective lives. My uncle’s advancing dementia. Anxiety dreams. Murder […]

Real Estate Meeting

I met yesterday late-morning at the Mainland house with the local real estate agent. She was perfectly complimentary about the house and property. I was kinda alarmed at the condition of the property… Basically, shit everywhere. Things that I would throw away as a matter of course are sprinkled all over the exterior. The tenant […]

Barn Pics

After my dad died, the Amazing Neighbor and my mom couldn’t enter the upper barn. There was no way to get into the building. Things are better now.

August Island Trip – II

It’s been another labor intensive couple of days with a third coming right up. My DH hung new lights in the upper barn, and fixed the lights in the lower barn. He discovered that my father had rigged what was essentially an extension cord, minus the plug, that was used to power the 4-eight foot […]


At some point when mom was still able to go on Tuesday shopping trips she procured melatonin. Lots and lots of melatonin. When the care staff got wind of this, they confiscated it, got a hold of me, and asked what I’d like to have done with the illicit substance. The next time I went […]


My DH and I picked 21 pounds of Italian prune plums yesterday. He, being taller, did the majority of the picking, and I did a lot of dead-wood pruning. We gonna be jammin’!

Real Estate Agent

Yesterday I texted my real estate contact on the Island to ask if he knew anyone in our neck of the woods who had experience selling property that was part of an estate. He replied quickly and said he’d get right on it. Since, we’ve arrived at an idea given the virtual nature of the […]

Estate Claim

I received word today from my attorney’s paralegal that the $14.67 claim against my mother’s estate has been removed! While my attorney daughter, rightfully, thinks I was ridiculous to spend time removing the offending claim, rather than writing the check, I am mightily pleased with myself! A win is a win, no matter how small […]