The day was a mix. Being away from family was hard. My nurse girl and her husband dropped off game hens, and we gave them pies for everyone. They were food Santas, delivering treats to everyone in a 25-mile radius to their home. And we maintained a 6′ distance, wore masks, and didn’t have a […]

Mask Project

Before mom passed, but after the pandemic closed her community, I started to make the staff at her community fabric face masks. 100 of them. These were for personal use as they, of course, are not the medical grade needed when working with residents. The year has been such that this project only finished up […]

Out of the Trenches!

My AN called this morning to give me an update, and to let me know that his son was coming up to stay with them for a few months to help his folks get caught up around their place, and help his dad on projects. He asked, “Would you like Kurt to help me with […]

Amanita muscaria

Saw lots of these poisonous, hallucinogenic beauties on the high school property (!). Made me think of my mama who taught me the in’s and out’s of mushroom hunting.

Repercussion Follow-up

Yesterday saw continued improvement in my range of motion, tho by the end of the day, I was again sore. Today’s lecture by my doc, kind of course, was about not being able to work like I could 30-years ago. I asked her to help me understand… When she pointed out that my joints and […]


I woke up with an extremely painful right shoulder that limited mobility turning my head to the left. A hot shower and 3 Advil helped a wee bit. The pain was significant. I have a long history of thoracic spine, shoulder and neck pain caused by injuries from childhood, and a car accident in my […]

November Island Trip – Day 7

It took a lot of work to get Stella and the property closed up. All of it in the pouring rain. The remaining photo gear (mostly antique things used in processing medium format film) we’re large and bulky, filling the back cab of my truck. By the time I left, I was cold, dirty, soaked […]

One Month

A month ago today was my last day at work. Since then I’ve been incredibly busy with estate matters, catching up on long neglected personal matters, and, of course, Stella situating, as well as lots of other Island property work. It all feels good, like it should.

November Island Trip – Day 6

It’s been raining impressively this morning. The plan is to trench for water and power from the lower barn to the pad. And start another fire. And I have my own, ah, plumbing issues to manage. It’s time to face the day. Tea first… The plumbing issue was quickly resolved with a piece of 1″ […]

Work Trailer

While talking with my DH last night, from the couch, it suddenly hit me that Stella is going through a phase as a work trailer. There’s a can of silicone spray by the kitchen sink, and Dry-Z-Air on the kitchen counter. Four sets of keys, a flashlight, a new pair of gloves and a hose-end […]