November Island Trip – Day 6

It’s been raining impressively this morning. The plan is to trench for water and power from the lower barn to the pad. And start another fire. And I have my own, ah, plumbing issues to manage. It’s time to face the day. Tea first… The plumbing issue was quickly resolved with a piece of 1″ […]

Work Trailer

While talking with my DH last night, from the couch, it suddenly hit me that Stella is going through a phase as a work trailer. There’s a can of silicone spray by the kitchen sink, and Dry-Z-Air on the kitchen counter. Four sets of keys, a flashlight, a new pair of gloves and a hose-end […]

November Island Trip – Days 3, 4, & 5

Day three was mostly spent figuring out what the hell was wrong with the barns’ electrical system. Long story short… The first night I ran both little electric heaters on their high setting and popped the breaker. The second night I tried heating with a reduced load. Not enough to pop the breaker, but enough […]

November Island Trip – Day 2

Without power, and it being so cold, my phone lost its battery over night. I was surprised to wake up at a reasonable time after only a few hours sleep in the early morning. After dressing, in many layers with lightening speed, I went to the lower barn’s circuit panel and found the offending breaker. […]

November Island Trip – Day 1, Part 3

I lost my 110 power right before going to bed. This meant no heat, no fridge, and no hot water. The person who brokered Stella’s purchase for us (his dad used to own her) let us know to Never Ever let the batteries get seriously low or all the coach’s system circuit boards would need […]

November Island Trip – Day 1, Part 2

There were few ferry shenanigans. We were 15-minutes late leaving and I was the 6th to last off a very full boat. I arrived at the property 45-minutes later than I’d hoped. This made for a fast setup at light here is not at a premium in mid-November. I am concerned that there is a propane […]

November Island Trip – Day 1

You know, I thought I stopped working… My new boss is my Amazing Neighbor! When he says Let’s Go, I hit the hardware store and head north. Really, we are so grateful to have his time and attention on our project/s, that when he gives me 48-hours notice that we’re launching on the next phase, […]

US Election

Thank God, just Thank God. OK, if it wasn’t clear before, you now know my political proclivities. Or, that I am ecstatic to be rid of a rapist/racist/lying/psychopathic/misogynistic/delusional/ignorant/narcissistic/nepotistic/vitriolic idiot-in-chief.


I’ve just taken the first step in finding new homes for my dad’s remaining camera gear. I have two Hasselblad camera bodies, and four lenses, amongst lots and lots of other equipment. Dad didn’t mess around. Many of these items are still selling for impressive amounts of money on eBay. My contact is a member […]


We just postponed the work on the Island property due to impending rain. While I was looking forward to being there and working on the next phase of settling in the trailer, I also am looking forward to a more relaxed Sunday with my DH, and watched the election results Tuesday evening. We’ll get it […]