Hair Brushes

When I was a child, my mom bought our hair brushes, dish washing brushes, and other cleaning brushes from the Fuller Brush Man. this person was a door-to door sales man. I think mom was such a reliable customer that he called ahead to make an appointment before stopping by as it seemed to me […]


In order to view the totality of my parents book collection, and begin emptying the storage unit that’s costing $168 a month, I just purchased nine linear feet of shelving. It’s 6’ high with five shelves. If you include the top shelf of each unit, there’s 54 linear feet of shelving. The shelving, not being […]

Island Tenants

The wonderful Island tenants gave me notice today. They are moving back to Europe this summer. I can’t say I blame them one little bit. We had a good chat about the general disarray of this country, and he let me know what his European friends and colleagues think of the US and its presidential […]

GF Matzo and Sushi

I picked up mom’s ashes today. They are sitting next to dad’s with a martini class upon them. I picked up sushi makings on the way home. Mom and I never had a chance to go out and slay sushi after (future) lifting of COVID-19 restrictions Since I was out, I made our weekly grocery […]


Mom started wearing a watch when dad’s medical appointment updates were handed to my folks on documents called ‘itineraries.’ Mom would take the itineraries and try to transcribe them onto her and dad’s calendar. As time went on this became more and more difficult for her. While a watch didn’t fix the problem, at least […]

Letter to a Neighbor

I found a letter mom wrote, but never sent, to one of her neighbors. It’s dated August 12, 2018: “Dear Mary. Here’s the bookmark I spoke of the other day. I’ve thought about ordering more from the Salesian’s, address at bottom of one side, but I’m hoping to be home before much longer, so I’ll […]

Address Book

In cleaning mom’s apartment, I found all manner of note/address books. One in particular caught my attention. It went like this: A – Her assisted living community, apartment number and phone number. Her name did not start with A. D – Our last name starts here… She had her Island house number listed, the Island […]

Move Two

Yesterday we rented a 15’ U-Haul truck to pick up mom’s furniture. The facilities team at mom’s AL community moved everything from the apartment to the loading dock. It took less than an hour to load everything. The biggest/heaviest item went in first, and a staff member happened to stroll out as we were raising […]

Move One

I spent seven hours at mom’s AL community on Friday, after receiving a special dispensation from the GM’s supervisor, packing up mom’s apartment. Right now no is allowed in the community that isn’t ‘essential.’ Perhaps it was my packing instructions that led to the GM to ask if I could come in and take care […]

7 years, 2 months

This morning was the first I realized my parents both passed on the 22nd, 7-years, 2-months apart. I don’t go in for a whole lot of woo-woo, but given mom’s innate talent (which she honed as a young woman) for aim, I am left wondering!