Plotting Phase Two

Our GC was here yesterday and we plotted the next phase of the project, on all three floors (including the attic). I have no more than two weeks to evacuate the kitchen, sitting room, dining room, and ideally, the living room. It’s going to be an epic mess, and a lot of fun! Given that […]

Nine Years

My dad passed nine years and two days ago. Sometimes this anniversary is a marker, an unbelievable reminder of the passage of time. Sometimes, like this year, it’s really hard. Losing my uncle, dad’s brother, another family member, plus one friend dying right now, another putting off dying unless there’s a miracle, a brother-in-law clinging […]


A friend and former colleague called me today. I haven’t always answered her calls as she’s been stuck on perceived injustices suffered at the hand of the company we both worked for. We’ve the same conversation for 10-years, and I wasn’t always up for it. Particularly when we had different experiences of our time working, […]

March 2022 Island Trip – Day 7

The alarm went off at 6:45. Including the usual closing up procedures, decommissioning Stella’s batteries, getting them in the truck, and loading just enough firewood around them to keep them from scooting around the bed of the truck, I made the 10:30 ferry. It was pouring as I closed things up. Never have I been […]

March 2022 Island Trip – Day 6

I’ve learned to pace the number of people I meet with on any given day. If I have too many appointments, I tend to retreat in a big way. “Too Many” depends on stamina and other inputs. Yesterday started feeling like too much when my phone wouldn’t shut the hell up, and was coming at […]


Proper Prior Planning Prevent Piss Poor Performance.

March 2022 Island Trip – Day 5

Today was a lot of little stuff. Lots and lots. Highlights were: My tenant letting me know the roof leaked again, the roofer sending Dave out with a Roof in a Tube to hold things together until they can do the reroofing deed, and walking Dave through the house to show him where the fans […]

March 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

If there’s one thing to be understood about Island life, particularly if you have folks working for you, it’s to be very flexible, and embrace that flexibility. Be snooty about it. ‘I’m so laid back and flexible that I will answer my contractor’s text messsage before I have dried off from a shower, only to […]

March 2022 Island Trip – Day 3

With daylight saving’s arrival this morning, we slept in until my phone woke us up. My DH asked me if I wanted to check it (at the other end of Stella). I said “No.” and that it was probably my uncle, which it turned out to be. He has received yet another letter from the […]

March 2022 Island Trip – Day 1 & 2

I arrived to a batch of mysteries and problems: The sewer hose had a slice in it. It’s not that tough, but what the hell? Stella’s electrical service cover was open. Stella’s left year tire was flat. The dehumidifier was off. Last year’s calendar was laying in the middle of the living room floor. An […]