Quick May Trip 2021 – Grass Management

I’m coming to understand that there is an order of operations, for one’s comfort, to mowing acreage when you want to do other things in a day, or days. There is no avoiding the grassy bits that get everywhere, and itch. So: Wear the same clothes each time you ride the mower, and pick, shake, […]

Other Elders… (edited)

‘There are other elders in my life that are struggling, whether they know it or not, with cognitive decline. It’s very sad to observe. As my nurse daughter said three-ish years ago, “Mom, you had deep context for dementia.” Once you’ve been through what I’ve been through, seeing dementia is easy. Not easy like knowing […]

Quick May 2021 Trip – Day 1

Basically I’m coming up to mow. Aside from wasp traps for the apple trees, and one for Stella, some rice paper samples for our eastern neighbor, BBQ coals, more grass seed, and a set of juggling pins for my DH to have on the Island, this is the first trip where the truck is essentially […]

One Year

A year ago today my mom took flight from this plain. I like to imagine her with my dad again. The two of them are likely trying to get jet skis banned from heaven’s fragile water ways. … 💕 My day was good. I anticipated lots of sadness, depression and tears. Instead, I slept in, […]


I gathered up mom’s three pairs of reading glasses yesterday, and washed them this afternoon. She always wore them around her neck while eating meals and had a fairly healthy good dose of humor about how they caught stray food. Each pair needed a good cleaning. My plan is donate them to Lions Club. I […]

DOD – A New Perspective

I wrote recently, right before my mom’s birthday, about general first anniversary’s without my mom, and how 2020 screwed so many of them because we weren’t, or wouldn’t have been able to see each other. Having had so many birthday’s and holidays together tempers those potential feeling of loss as well as bolsters many fine […]

Chicken Down II

Our Senior chicken has been low energy since I was last on the Island. She wasn’t egg-bound, but moving slowly, and preferring to stay in the enclosure while the other two buzzed around the garden. I made sure she had her own scratch and treats. She enjoyed hand delivered dandelion greens and bowls of fresh […]

Artful Ashes

The wife of a childhood friend, who passed some years ago, shared Artful Ashes with me. She had a memorial made with some of her husband’s ashes. It was beautiful, and I always remembered the company’s name. Today I picked up a memorial I had made from some of my parent’s ashes. It’s absolutely stunning. […]

Mom & Dad

My eldest daughter gave me a framed photo of my parents for Mother’s Day that she took in 1999 when they took her to a gallery opening in Canada. It moved me to tears. They were whole, healthy, and happy. It helps me remember them the way they were in their prime. 💜

Call from my Uncle

My mom’s brother called me yesterday morning. I was enjoying a slow entry into my day with tea in bed when the phone rang. There have been many, many times over the last 5-years that I simply let calls from my uncle go to voice mail due to the anxiety that welled up while talking […]