1950’s Extraterrestrial Experience

Mom’s college buddy called me when I was last on the Island. We caught up a bit and then he told me a story: Mom lived on the grounds of the university where she was doing graduate studies. One evening while sitting with the wife of one of her professors, mom witnessed a three-demeninal black […]


Jane died in early February. She’d been vaccinated and boosted for Covid, and contracted it anyway. All but a few members of her memory care community tested positive for Covid. And like most, Jane only had the sniffles at first. In a week sniffles turned into pneumonia and she was not up for the challenge. […]

“I don’t have dementia.”

My mother-in-law called this evening to ask if we wanted her, really wonderful, canoe, and kayak. I answered the call as my DH was occupied. She spoke as tho she was going to sell the house immanently. This seemed like a total turn around from our most recent conversations with her. I rolled with it. […]

Roof Rot

Here are pictures of the facia and exterior car decking rot that the roofer has excised from the house. He explained that the builder of the house (who owned great swaths of the subdivision, and whose buildings are now number of different homes, including this one), tarred the top of the car deck ceiling. This […]

Letter to a Late Friend

Dear Ben, I know you’re not walking on this plain with us any longer… I’ve been editing my bookmarks, and clicked on your website. I am delighted to see it’s still up. 💕. While I’d much rather you were still here, the last batch of years have been nothing that would have pleased you politically […]

Island Roof

The roof replacement started today. I’ve had two calls from the contractor. The first was to say that there was plywood on the roof (Yay!!), but it was wet in some places, and rotten in others. The bottom line is I don’t have to pour another $3600 in plywood into the job. Maybe hundreds… He […]

May/June 2022 Island Trip – Days 12 & 13

Day 12: The two main accomplishments on day 12 were spraying the apple trees and cleaning the old redwood gutter across the entrance to the house, I’ve never seen so many tent caterpillars. It was horrendous. Insecticidal soap certainly seemed to do them in. The gutter wasn’t much better except it didn’t wiggle in huge […]

May/June 2022 Island Trip – Day 11

Today was better than yesterday. I was not compelled to nap for hours, my mood was better, I got a few things done, my neighbor the east and I got a dump run in, and met with my AN about a bunch of work he’s going to do for me: Replace the culvert under the […]

Medication Malaise

One of the antibiotics I have to take for diverticulitis is a pisser. We don’t get along at all. There’s no getting around taking it even though there’s a new treatment protocol… Which includes the cousin of an antibiotic I’m allergic to. So I sit here fighting: Depression Extreme reaction to things I can normally […]

May/June 2022 Island Trip – Day 10

Another day of little ambition due to the fatigue that accompanies diverticulitis. I worked on the house shower grout while in the shower, got a load of laundry into the drier and put away, despaired a little over what a piece of shit the washing machine is while not hearing from the appliance folks, had […]