SF Trip – Day 8

I am writing from an Airstream that is part of a boutique hotel north of San Francisco. While it is very different than either of our trailers, it feels very much like home. This is the first night since leaving that I’ve had to myself, and that’s after having dinner with friends. It’s been incredible […]

SF Trip – Day 7 – Misdemeanors Managed

Today was full and lovely in a lot of ways. It started with a little time with my dear friend before she headed to work. I got to read for a spell, with the dog laying on her back in proximity. We were both very relaxed. My first stop was at a local quilt shop. […]

SF Trip – Day 6

By the time morning rolled around the storm had ended, or moved on. It was sunny and the air smelled of Eucalyptus. I backed carefully out of the upstairs bedroom, making sure to leave nothing for Tim to do, including dumping the 4 or so gallons of accumulated drips from the roof leak. I was […]

SF Trip – Day 5

We woke up to no power. This was accompanied by all the exciting weather that held off the day before (Thanks mom!!). My cousin and I visited until late morning when I pulled the car up to his front yard and packed up. The weather was getting more and more exciting. I left only to […]

SF Trip – Day 4

Today was the day. It started easily and normally enough… Granola, tea, conversation. Being concerned that I’d forget something, I put everything I wanted to take in one spot. When on a sailboat you don’t just pull over and run into the store to pick up Kleenex. My cousin, however, did his usual last minute, […]

SF Trip – Day 3

I arrived at my cousin’s benfore noon and we spent time at his community center (on a misty mountain top) while he helped set up for a fund raiser. I made some calls and stayed out of the way. After a trip to the grocery, we made a delicious dinner and caught up. It was […]

SF Trip – Day 2

After a sketchy night which included a domestic event in the room above me, I enjoyed a farmer’s breakfast at the Inn, and then went to the camp ground where mom, dad and I spent many lovely days. This was the first place I scattered some of their ashes. My next stop was the cemetery […]

SF Trip – Day 1

I drove for over 7-hours and 400+ miles. It was a good drive, rain at the beginning aside, with about five stops. A quilt shop was involved… The car gets impressive mileage. I could have made it here without filling up, but never go below a quarter tank! I arrived at the historic inn that’s […]

SF bound

Tomorrow I head toward San Francisco and environs. I’ll be driving (my daughter’s far newer car), and have my itinerary set through a week from tomorrow. A chat with my cousin, soon, who lives with and helps my uncle and his wife, will help me sort out the last few days of travel. I’m hoping […]


I get to use my friend’s apple press on Sunday. The goal is to get the apples that don’t fit into the fridge done on Sunday.