House Rental Update

There are still two interested parties in the house, that I’m engaged with. One of the priors dropped out. The wife didn’t care for the pass through from the master bedroom to the living room. I met with another couple at a local (mainland) coffee shop this week. They’re going to see the house tomorrow. […]

House Nibbles

Zillow’s rental site has suddenly gotten active. My neighbor to the east showed the house today, and will again tomorrow afternoon. Two additional pings wanted to apply without seeing then house. Nope… Ya gotta see what you’re signing up for before I run your credit etc. I like the Zillow interface. It provides a comfortable […]

Smoke Season…

There’s been a fire burning (multiple 10s of 1000s of acres) in the foothills many miles to the east of us for weeks and weeks now. The off-shore flow (winds blowing from the east to west) have essentially kept me indoors for the last four days. It smells, not only like a campfire outside, but […]

Family Visit

My DH and his mama left today on a 10-day trip to see her best friends from college, and then on to her sister and brother-in-law. This is a trip my mother-in-law (MIL) has wanted to take since travel opened up, and one she used to take annually. My DH and I decided this was […]

Emotional Support…

The wannabe tenant and emotional support dog owner just proved that she not only does need emotional support, but that she either lies, or can’t recall/keep her stories straight. And she doesn’t know what her rights are or aren’t. After researching whether or not I could turn this couple down based on the emotional support […]

October 2022 Island Trip – Day 4

I slept like crap. Owl eyed from 2-4. I don’t scroll around my phone in the wee hours, but I sure did to pass some time. I didn’t rush through closing up both because I’m dealing with diverticulitis (nothing to screw around with), and my neighbor to the south and I agreed to meet this […]

October 2022 Island Trip – Day 3

After finish painting the new wood work and shelf above the oven, I wanted to finish to degreasing the interior cabinet above the stovetop. That lead to trying to get (many)specs of paint off the cabinet doors. Goof Off is a magic product. It used to be that once paint dried, you basically had to […]

October 2022 Island Trip – Day 1

The goal of this trip is to get the house leased (and Stella winterized), though I have my doubts this will happen. I built a website for the house and let three select groups know about the house’s availability. The website hits have been impressive, but the only contact has been the daughter of my […]


Rats… I knew we’d find evidence of rodents under the dishwasher. Knew it. After dad died and I started spending more time with mom on the Island there was evidence of rodents… Poop in the closet, pee stains on the wood floor, the vacuum cord chewed through, tho mom thought the vacuum just stopped working. […]