March 2023 Island Visit – Day 5

Today was productive and fun. We finally, after working on its creation for more than a year, fired off the burn pile! It’s still smoldering away, and we all (us and tenants) happily smell like a campfire. Our inner caveman pyro needs have been satisfied. Our AN brought his super long propane torch as an […]

March 2023 Island Trip – Day 4

It was cold today. So cold that we spent most of the day hanging out in Stella. We did get around to: Yeah, I know… What was the mama trauma drama? When mom was in the skilled nursing community on the Island, after her 2nd car accident, one of her neighbors and I took her […]

March 2023 Island Trip – Day 3

The day started with my tenant returning our salad bowl, a couple of knives they want sharpened, and a cup of hot water and two tea bags. These two personify consideration and kindness. I chose the jasmine green tea. 😏 Stella got a cleaning this morning. Dusting and wiping down surfaces takes far more time […]

March 2023 Island Trip – Day 2

By the time I went to bed my list had grown to 35 items. 24 have been crossed off. This is not as productive as it may sound (“turn on propane and check levels”), but when you have that many things buzzing about in your head, it helps to pour them out on to paper. […]

March 2023 Island Trip – Day 1

The trip here was uneventful despite freezing temperatures and fog after yesterday’s lovely snowfall. The boat ride over was almost empty. I arrived in time to rescue one of my tenants, who had locked themselves out. We visited for a while, and then unloaded the plants I brought for our garden project. I also brought […]

Wee Peeve

So I get easily annoyed when people, friends, splash their trials and tribulations all over social media. Yes, yes, I heard you… “Stop looking at social media!” This is not an unreasonable response. And the great majority of my social media experience (only one platform, and certainly not Twitter, which is for Twits, particularly now) […]

A Gig

On a whim, after reading that my quilt/photography instructor still doesn’t have anyone to dye fabric for him, I reached out suggesting I might be that person for him. He lives in CO, I do not. 36-hours, a Zoom meeting and several emails later, I have a part-time gig! Neither of us knows exactly when […]

Lincoln Logs

We’re still sorting and figuring out where things are going in the wake of the kitchen remodel. No, Lincoln Logs did not inhabit our kitchen… They were stored in our attic, which was emptied in order to do the kitchen deed… The attic has never been 100% rodent proof, tho I am very proud to […]

My Back

I’ve been told that my lower back, sacrum to be specific, has been ‘deteriorating’ for a number of years. My inner reply has been, “yeah, so?” Symptoms have been changing for a few years. Mostly the occasional painful twang when leaning over the bathroom sink while washing hands or brushing teeth. Usually a first thing […]