Hardcore reality can be depressing

I found after writing three post in a row yesterday, I was down in the dumps. The writing helps clarify, define and sharpen the ‘mom moments.’ It places all the details of a subject or event in one definitive place.While things are still in my noggin, they are mixed up with other the people, places, the additional layers of what was happening at the time, even the weather on the day the event took place. Distilling the pieces of what’s happening to my mother is painful, especially on the heels of losing my father. One of my mother’s sayings is, “Old age ain’t for sissy’s!” Neither is writing about it. The pull between daughter and caregiver is possibly never stronger than right here. In person, even if I’m in the middle of having to manage my mom, I can look at her, sigh, and still see my mother.

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