The rest of the conversation…

Mom was deep into delusions about my father last night. She said:

  • I asked him to come watch TV or eat but he’s not responding and I worry about this. 
  •  I keep talking to dad but he doesn’t answer. 
  •  He responds when he feels like getting up and having something to eat. 
  •  I think he’s breathing. (at this point I asked her if she could see him and she said she could when he’s on the Island) 
  •  I think he’s in bed. 
  •  I went up to the buildings. He’s not there. 
  •  A lot of this is what I wish was happening. 
  •  In the morning both of us are up doing whatever we want and then we go off to coffee but dad didn’t go this morning. 
  •  I don’t know what’s real. 
  •  I don’t think I’m fixated on what’s real. It’s just that he’s here again sometimes. 
  •  I hope to go to bed soon and snuggle with your dad. 
  • I’ll see what dad feels like before coming to the mainland again.

She also assured me that she wasn’t suicidal. I don’t think she is but I’m glad I got the guns out of the house.

We did have positive interaction about her joining a grief support group. She said more than once that she’d ask her doctor for a reference for such. I have my fingers crossed. This could help ground her.

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