Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

This song by The Clash is an apt title for what happens when my mom decides to go from one house to the other. She has a very hard time gearing up to get out the door. She makes excuses for the delay in her departure. The weather. Not being able to gather what she wants to bring with her and, among others, my very favorite: I have never slept so poorly as I did last night! She deserves a gold medal for bad sleep. It’s only as I’ve gained perspective about why this happens that I can now roll with it rather than become annoyed by it. Call me slow, but it’s taken more than six months to put together her inability to navigate and her inability to easily leave one home for the other. She must be terrified. It’s one thing to get lost in the neighborhood on the mainland but to do so along the Interstate corridor is quite another. Perhaps her quipping that she’s been on the road for hours and hours between the ferry and here (It take 1.25 hours)  is actually true because she’s taken exits willy-nilly rather than stay on the highway until the exit that dad coached her to take for years. If the eye catching book full of directions, made for her by my daughter, isn’t in her car, it doesn’t exist.

She e-mailed just now to say she’s not going to get over today. She had a restless night. Not the worst night of her life, just restless. Bronze medal ;->.

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