I got mom through a visit to the neurologist and an MRI today. She responded much better to the tall tale I told to get her there than I thought she would. She never questioned that we’d talked about going to the specialist. She offered, “I must be scrambled. I have no recollection of talking about this!” 

As they showed us in I was cleverly redirected into the doctor’s office while mom was taken to put her coat and purse down in the exam room and then taken for a weight/height check. In retrospect, I was a babbling dope in trying to express everything I thought was Super important in the few minutes the doctor and I had to chat. I told him I felt like I had an adrenilin drip. He told me I had to stop feeling that way! He was right.

The exam itself was interesting. As far as I can tell, she passed most of the physical parts fairliy well. The cognitive sections were poor, as I expected, though I was charmed to watch her answer questions about money fluidly. I think this is, in part, due to her age. Her generation didn’t have calculators and have a different relationship with numbers than younger people. Evidently, however, it is Wednesday of an unknown date, in October and it’s fall. She did get the year right. But all of this was right after writing the correct date on four forms. I helped her with the forms. I am the new coach. During the exam I was mute.
The MRI was noisy and somewhat distressing for her but she weathered it well. By the time we got back to her place she seemed to have forgotten the annoyance of it.
We go back tomorrow morning to discuss the results with the neurologist.

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