Mom received a letter from the State regarding her driver’s license. They are canceling it per State Code This & That, which references, Code Such & Such, subsection Yada, Yada. This is born of our visit to the neurologist, who filled in a diagnosis code on the state form (his ethical duty) and the State does what it does. Mom, of course, now thinks the diagnosis is the purest form of bull crap, despite the clinical evidence, which I’m sure she doesn’t recall exsists. 

She is meeting with an attorney on the Island at 9:30. I will be conferenced in. What I expect from the attorney is to follow the appeal procedure in the letter from the State. Mom will want to dash the diagnosis. This is where it could get dicey. I Will explain, if asked, why we went to the specialist, what the test results show and try to steer the conversation toward the letter at hand. The attorney needs to understand, somehow, without wounding mom in the process, that there is a history. 
T-minus one hour. Time for a soothing shower. After the meeting, time for a gardening workout for a client. One step at a time… 

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