And in Other News

Because life is not solely about my mother’s dementia, tho it feels that way a lot, here is a short list of other things that round out my life:

The garden is further along this March than it’s ever been in the 15 Marches we’ve owned the property. The fountains are back up, irrigation is live again, we’re starting to eat greens that wintered over and things are blooming. The Forsythia is amazing, yes common, but amazing.
Our 25 year old has decided to move in with a friend. She returned from TX a year ago after obtaining her second degree. She has a fantastic job and is house hunting. Earlier this month she came to me and said, You guys are great roommates, but being almost 26 and still living with my parents is killing my self-esteem.” She asked me how I felt about this. I told her I understood completely, supported her choice, but she had to take her cats!
We have had five cats in the household for almost a year now. The Evil Twins are our daughter’s. They are actually very sweet and delightful unless they are being hellions. Such are the ways of kittens. We have a two year old cat who lives to be under anything, on your shoulders when you are wearing thin shirts or herding the chickens (4) when they are out and about the garden. There are two grand dames, 13 and 15 years old. They are surprisingly well for their age. When the kittens move out with their mama next weekend, some of the kitty stress in the household will lighten up. I will miss their shenanigans.
I have a tiny landscape design business that I am not marketing due to the time demands of my mother’s illness. I also have an incredible husband, my best friend, who, everytime I twitch about only making enough money to support my business, tells me it’s OK and I’m doing the job I’m suppose to do right now. He also doesn’t flinch when I buy more fabric that shows up in neat, folded, beautiful stacks around my studio. He knows it’s cheaper than therapy. I have resolved to vastly reduce my cotton acquiring ways. Therapy is still available through the purchase of gorgeous paper, which yard by yard is far less expensive than quilting cotton.
In this still moment, with a bottomless cup of green tea, the sound of the rain on the skylights and a woodpecker trying to take down an alder in the ravine, I can connect with how blessed I am. In my family, my ability to work until I ache, to give back and to be there for my mom.

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