Waging War

Mom is going to war regarding her driver’s license. There is going to be a second neurological exam to refute the first one. Letters are being slung all over the place, to whom I do not know. Chart notes have been requested from her PCP and neurologist. My attorney child called me (from out of state) the other day to alert me to all of this. I assured her I knew what was up and then was fascinated to compare notes with her. Mom has forgotten SO much regarding her appointments with the neurologist on the 11th/12th and items I’ve reminded her of since. The biggest is what the doctor told her: She might develop Alzheimer’s, according to mom.

Mom forgot she was suppose to conference me into the meeting with the attorney on Monday. I called them 45 minutes later and was given a summary, which was fine. The attorney called me later in the day and while telling me she couldn’t keep confidences, I was able to steer her to a point where she said: This is complicated” and “I need to talk to my senior partner.” I suggested she run mom’s insurance claim history, which she did, and walk mom out to her car, which she will today, to view its condition. 
Mom received her claims history, after which she told my daughter she’s never had an accident. Mom has never been one to lie. I don’t know if this is straight dementia talking or if within dementia, one reverts to a place of saying things (lies) because you wish that’s the way it was, like when we were all four years old.
A telephone hearing with the State will be set up from the attorney’s office regarding the driver’s license. I don’t yet know what the desired outcome of this is. The ability to retest? To render the letter null & void? Meanwhile, mom is resigned to the fact she can’t drive after the 4th. Thank God.

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