There are many things of my father’s that need to be sold. Currently I have the high value items from his ceramic studio up on Suddenly, there is interest in all three equipment categories from three diffrerent potential purchasers, all of whom are out of town. This is to be expected given the nature of the craft. We’re not talking quilting! 

Some of the items for sale are at my mom’s Island home and some are at her mainland home, to make things extra complicated. I talked to mom about selling these items and she agreed it was time. It’s challenging that she won’t recall the conversation. Further, she is unable to run up to the barn and make sure the Soldner clay mixer is working. The last time she tried to exercise the keys to dad’s studio, ‘they didn’t work.’ They complied to my request to open the door, but who am I to say she’s using the wrong key?
To Further complicate things, there is a good chance, despite mom’s attorney’s appeal submission to the state regarding her driver’s license, the state may say, “NO, Mom may not drive until the the appeal is settled.” Yes, this is a first world problem, but it’s my first world problem. It means rather than meet potential purchasers of top dollar fetching equipment (all to mom’s benefit), I will juggle this with taking her to additional medical appointments off the Island that are set up to refute her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. It is abundantly clear she can’t get herselt to these appointments. Getting there should be part of the ‘test,’ yes? 
So, meanwhile, unless the state yanks her license, despite her attorney’s persuasive appeal document, I will make my arrangement to show, chat up the virtues of and sell dad’s equipment. I will not take her to either of the two appointments should she remain licensed. I wil be unavailable. Call me a bad kid if you must, but if you are fighting a dementia diagnosis, then you can follow general instructions on how to exercise Google Maps and print off you own map/driving instructions to get to where you need to go. Particularly if you’ve lived in the region for 35 years.

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