The State is not infallible.

Lots to catch up on… The state sent mom the wrong form letter, citing the incorrect codes when telling her her license was cancelled. Her attorney based her arguments on the letter that was sent. While it was a good defense, it was based on the wrong premise. Not her fault. The state was apologetic and sent a list of codes that were relevant, but ‘should not be considered exhaustive.’ The bottom line was mom had to stop driving 12:01am April 4th. My first world problem has become a reality. I am driving a lot. And while I like driving, particularly my high performance car, it’s the time consumption that’s getting me down. Mom is taking care of the gas consumption, bless her heart. And yes, I am taking her to the appointments that she should be taking herself to if she indeed doesn’t have dementia.

Tomorrow we go to the Island together (so far it’s been me picking her up at the mainland ferry terminal). I will stay for a couple of days in order to get ‘things done.’ The list grows and morphs. One item we must accomplish is installing software on her computer that enables me to login to her machine from my home so I can fix little problems for her. There are always little problems. Since she sent her IBM Selectric II to the Smithsonian, and adopted new fangled technology, mom has refered to herself as the Cyber Idjot. She is a fabuous writer and e-mail keeps her connected. Writing is also her most coherent form of communication. I need the ability to support this remotely.
I need to understand how her propane on-demand water heater works so I can coach her from here when she has trouble with it. There are no smoke detectors in the house. The old travel trailer, which served as a guest house in days past, needs a peek and no doubt things need rescuing from its interior. Plumbing to one of the barns failed during a freeze. Understanding the scope of the failure is on the list. I have to see if the clay mixer is working. Either way I have a buyer for it. Each time I go to the Island we take a pile of paper from her cellulose infested office and go through it, filing, recycling or starting fires. Maybe this trip I’ll ‘find’ the urns from the Neptune Society that are in the corner of the office underneath 4 ‘very useful’ cardboard boxes and 2.5 stacks of paper. Getting to them will be the challenge.

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