Mom can’t keep her schedule regarding appointments relating to her driver’s license battle straight. Aside from seeing her attorney, there have been three items on her itinerary:

1) An assessment by an occupational therapist who specializes in driving assessment without actually administering  a driving test.
2) A second opinion neurology appointment.
3) The telephonic hearing with the department of licensing regarding her case. 
We took care of #1 on 4/7/14. When I went to mom’s Island home on the 15th, the report from the visit with the occupational therapist was on her dining room table. As I read it, she asked if I was reading it. On the 18th her attorney asked me if the report had come out. I told her mom had a copy and where it was. The attorney e-mailed mom about it, which prompted a call to me yesterday, in a flurry of worry, about how to get a hold of a copy of the report. I told her where to find it, which she did, instantly. Today I received voice mail from mom, in a flurry of worry, about how to get ahold of the report… 
The next voice mail from mom today was a fretting over the follow-up neurology appointment (5/6) and how early it is and that there’s no way we can get from the Island to the appointment on time. She has forgotten that she and her attorney, at $240/hour, made a reservation at the Days Inn for the night before the appointment.
The next voice mail said that she had tentatively rescheduled the neuro appointment for 6/12. This is after her hearing with the department of licensing. It would do her no good. When we talked, I pointed this out, telling her 6/12 was after her hearing. I could tell (knowing my mom for 50+ years now) that she was gearing up to tell me I was full of shit. I deftly slipped in that the hearing was 5/22. She collapsed her sails and said, “Oh, I’ll call them back and keep the original appointment.” We’ll see what happens.

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