The Hearing

Mom’s telephonic hearing with the state department of licensing was yesterday at 9:30am. She nor her attorney asked for my presence. From the beginning I knew I should not attend. It is one thing for a doctor to put you on the spot in front of your mother regarding her driving. It would be quite another for a department of licensing examiner to do the same. I have no doubt mom’s attorney had her brain wrapped around this and if mom asked, the attorney told her my attendance wouldn’t be necessary. 

When I took my lunch break (I made sure I was working for a client yesterday). I texted my husband (who was working from home) to see if mom had called. She hadn’t. I called our family friend, Tim, who drove her to and from the hearing at the attorney’s office. Tim said she seemed subdued, muttered about continued time and expense in the quest for her license and as she continued to talk, he couldn’t hear or understand her. My thought was that the state was demanding evidence from a different neurologist.
I called mom when I got home to see how she was and how things went. She said she didn’t know other than there would be more interviews and appointments, and told me that things were so rapid fire she couldn’t keep up and rather than ask the examiner over and over again to repeat himself, she just kept qiuet. I asked her who she had interviews with. She replied, ‘The department of licensing, I guess.’ She said her attorney was preparing a summary for her to pick up tomorrow (today).
After our phone conversation I e-mailed mom, copying her attorney, to ask her attorney to send me the expected summary of the hearing. Late this afternoon, the attorney did just that.
In brief, the examiner is recommending that mom be allowed to retest for her license, written and driving. She will be allowed to do this on the Island, where she has the greatest chance of passing the driving portion. While my mother is a very smart woman, I predict the written exam is what’s going to put the kibosh on this whole thing. Her dementia is keeping her from focusing on ‘non-fiction.’ The attorney and state examiner have urged her to study up for the written. We’ll see how it goes.

There’s a chance the state will not agree with the examiner’s recommendation. He told the attorney he’s never been ‘turned down.’A good record. Something mom can count on. The irony in all of this is that mom couldn’t recall that the hearing had gone optimally, the best it could, in her favor.  So simply in fact, that all she had to recall was that this guy would put in the good word for her. But, no, in her mind she doesn’t have dementia, not at all. Doesn’t matter that she can’t retain the details of a 40 minute meeting that she’s spent at least five grand to make happen.

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