Life is Thick

Mom’s retest was scheduled for the 7th. She and her attorney got on the phone with the state to inquire why she wasn’t allowed to retest on the day the department of licensing was on the Island (9th). Otherwise she’d have to go off Island to retest. The person they talked with, after consulting her supervisor, said due to mom’s license status (revoked) there was no deadline for her retest. This flies in the face of what the examiner said, but what do I know verses the vast mumbo jumbo of state bureaucracy? The attorney sent a letter to the state, complete with the employee names and numbers who gave this information, stating that mom would, based on such official knowledge, retest on the Island on the 9th.

Recently my mother forgot she had a home two block from me. After a very gentle reminder, she talked about wanting to sell it. I, again gently, reminded her it was her most gainfully appreciating asset and suggested she consider leasing it out. It would turn a small profit on expenses alone. Add the appreciation (a conservitive 6.6% for our county last year. Our town will have done much better) and it’s a good investment. 
Further, she told me she couldn’t remember what she had in the house. Her secretary and a dining room table… Most of her furniture is there, significant pieces of which she’s owned most of my life. She’s talking about moving things back to the Island. This is hard to fathom. Even without most of her belongings, the Island house is a organizational catastrophe. Moving the masses of forgotten unpacked  personal effects and the half of my father’s shop inventory, residing in the garage, back to the Isalnd would be a disaster.  Fortunately, she doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to accomplish this. 
Mom has a follow up appointment on the 7th with the 2nd neurologist we saw in order to gain opinion refuting the original neurologist’s diagnosis. Her report did not gain that consensus. This is where I am not going to interceded. My July is getting thick and if mom wants me to take her to this appt, she’d better jump in line. After all, according to her she has no memory issues, no dementia symptoms, nothing. She’s just fine.  

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