I Sing

Another personal tidbit about me is I sing. Professionally, in situations where I earn money. That, at least, is my loose definition of professional. My last band went on hiatus about a year and a half ago as the core members, myself being one, were suddenly too busy to practise regularly. Within 2 months my dad was in the hospital and what’s happened since is cataloged right here in this Blog. 

Two days ago, I received an invitation to audition for a band. Yesterday I turned it down. Mom is my standing priority. When one is caregiving, even remotely, you never know when you’re going to be needed. There’ve been two emergencies with mom. I don’t want to sound dramatic and predict the worst, but more will come. I can’t put a group of musicians in a situation where suddenly they are without their lead singer, say, in the middle of a show. Bad form.
While this makes me sad, rather than angry or despondent, it does propel me to find a project where the members aren’t looking to ‘leave the garage’ anytime soon. As Iris DeMent says: “Singing is prayer.” I need to sing. It does me good.

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