A good conversation…

I called mom tonight to check in. She sounded pretty good. Aside from raising her fist yet again toward the neurologist that diagnosed her, we had an OK chat. 

She asked me if I had a copy of her will. I told her I had her origional will and a copy was in her mainland home. She said she wanted to review it and possibly make some changes. I asked if she wanted me to tell her what the content of her will was (it’s very simple). She said ‘Yes’ and I complied. She wants to add three bequests to organizations that were/are important to her and my father.
She asked what I thought of this. I said I thought these were important bequests and, given the opening, I said, in light of the annual financial charity bleed, it was important to be conservative with her money while she’s alive. If the street car doesn’t pick her up until she’s 114 1/2, she’s going to need all of her financial resources. She chuckled and said, “If I live to be 114 1/2, you’re going to regret it!” I countered that if she lived that long, my nurse daughter would have to take care of the two of us. We both laughed. She followed this up by saying her nurse granddaughter could never retire if this came to pass.
This was such a lovely moment. Mom’s humor and intellect were front and center in the very moment this exchange took place. I am thankful.

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