Driving Hazards

Driving hazards, they are many. 

I love driving. It is not lost on me that while I just spent 3 of the last 4 days driving, in order to take care of and transport the moms in my life, at least I have a hot ride. Top down, 302 horsepower purring under my toe, and many liters ready to leap when asked. The stereo is better than what’s going on in the house, the seats more adjustable than the fanciest recliner and it’s fine looking. Driving my car is kind of like a rolling therapy session. I am grateful to have it.
I’m very protective over this little silver rocket on wheels. After picking my mom up at the ferry terminal yesterday, she settled into her mainland home and then we went grocery shopping. I am always very careful where I park the car and even more so when mom is with me. She is mindless about the doors, both opening and closing them. It’s about 75% disease (can’t remember they weigh a ton, are l-o-n-g and don’t need to be slammed in order to close them) and 25% ‘doesn’t give a shit’ (been living in the country for 35 years where your car had better be expendable). Upon returning to the car with our groceries, I suggested she place her bags in the back seat while I put mine in the trunk. As I put my packages away, I heard the door land on the chrome bumper of the small truck next to us and ran over to see a small sliver of paint nicked from the edge of the door. Mom fluffed and clucked that nothing was wrong. I showed her the damage (and really, it was barely there. It’s the principle.). She said she didn’t mean it, which, of course, was true. As I returned from putting the carts away I saw her inspecting the edge of the door. She looked at me and said, “It’s OK, there are half a dozen of those little nicks.” I replied, “Yes, mom, but I don’t want anymore.” What I didn’t say was, “You’re responsible for every one of them!” My husband and I have traded cars for the rest of her trip here. Not because it doesn’t matter if his door edge gets nicked but because his doors are short, weigh 1/7th of mine and actually need a little oomph when you close them.
The real news is (wait for it…) that within 48 hours of mom getting her driver’s license back, she’s hit someone! I have this news through unsanctioned channels and so will have to see how it plays out. All I know is that the front of her car hit the rear of another car. Whether this happened while both vehicles were in motion or the other car was parked is yet to be determined. She, of course, hasn’t mentioned this to me. In the absence of being able to do anything about this, the house will be cleaned and the garden watered today, thoroughly. Afterall, my rolling therapy session isn’t here and the next best sort of therapy (at least for me) is to exercise control where I can. A cleaning I will go!

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