Keeping it Straight

This is nothing knew, it’s just the latest batch…

In the last 26 hours mom has asked:
What I was doing today 3 times.
What we’re doing tonight (celebrating my son-in-law’s birthday) 6-8 times. This includes where, both geographically and what restaurant.
What we’re doing tomorrow 4-5 times, including with who (her cousin) what and where (lunch downtown). 
When other friends are coming in (20th) and where (my home) and for what (lunch) about 5 times now. 
At mom’s Island home these things are written down on her calendar. She still e-mailed me about them, making sure she had them correct. Likely because she had no memory of writing the events down, but knew she must have done so because it was her handwriting on the calendar. In the absence of that particular calendar, it’s a brave new world. 
This morning she Did remember that I said we should go to the hardware store so she could pick up some gardening items. That’s a positive! We arrived and looked at oscillating lawn sprinklers. I suggested the top of the line store brand with brass heads for $30. She chose the bottom of the line store brand for $6.50 and isn’t happpy with it… She called to ask if I was going out again today. I said I hadn’t planned on it but we could exchange it tomorrow on our way back from lunch. Lunch with who, where??? 
The garden is watered, thoroughly. It’s time to micro parts of the house…

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