My mom’s insurance agent is unable to procure an umbrella policy for my mom. This is due to there being an open accident claim from 2011 when my mom rear-ended another vehicle in the parking garage of the clinic where my father was under followup treatment for leukemia. Every vehicle in that parking garage has a medically fragile person in it. One doesn’t navigate through this garage because they are going to visit a patient, as you would a hospital garage. It’s an out-patient facility only. The claim is still open as the injured party’s insurance carrier is in in arbitration with my mother’s insurance carrier attempting to recover money for their insured’s medical expenses due to being rear-ended.

My mom’s insurance agent further informed me that due to her age and accident record, it’s likely that even after the claim closes, she won’t be able to place this coverage for mom.

This leaves mom’s estate at huge risk because, now that she has her license back, she’s a 4000 pound catastrophe waiting for something/someone to hit, again.

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