Mom’s insurance agent wrote to me today to say the 2011 accident claim had been closed, and therefore she’d been able to obtain a quote in the ‘surplus lines’ market for an umbrella policy for mom.  This insurance carrier will only insure mom for a million and demands a doctor’s certification within 30 days of the policy issuance. The medical application for this policy asks about neurological diagnosis and medications. I asked the agent, “if we went through all the details (AKA truth in advertising about my mom,) would the application be accepted.” The agent said: Very likey not.

I’ve asked mom’s agent to increase the liability on both of mom’s houses and her car. This is all I know to do.
Our attoney, today, says I’m doing all the right things, confirms that gaining guardianship would be difficult and it wouldn’t necessarily gain me anything. Essentially, she says, guardianship will certainly serve to alienate my mother from me without guaranteeing to get her out from behind the wheel.  

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