And while we were gone…

We just spent a week in Mexico. Prior to this I let all of mom’s neighbors know our destination, contact info and backup plans should anything happen. In some ways it felt like planning to leave a pre-schooler alone, only worse in that mom is under her own locomotion, so to speak. I am delighted to report that while we were gone nothing exciting happened. Further, upon our return, mom sounds, via phone and e-mail, really, really good. Yes, she’s scrambling dates (long term this time) and continues to obsess about her late mother’s issues, but in eloquent prose and expressed so much more as herself than she’s been in a long, long time. It leaves me wondering if the Aricept is kicking in or if her profound grief over losing my dad might be lifting a bit. Perhaps a combination. 

I have learned to take these moments in the moment. The last time she seemed really great it ended by her leaving food out for my late father as she left her mainland home for her island home… I’ll enjoy every minute of up time that she/we have.

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