And, The Good

We went to a wonderful sushi restaurant Thursday night. It started out like all meals out with mom do: Complaining about the noise, how busy it was etc. Then a cellist started playing! At first, the live music was an additional insult to the growing list of problems my mother, and professional critic, was ticking off. It was too loud for the room, causing all the diners to talk louder. True. However, it became instantly clear that the cellist was a professional musician. He was amazing. This turned mom and our evening around! He played more than classical pieces. He played folk, jazz and pop too. He sounded like three instruments, and then a violinist joined him. Mom was delighted. She relaxed, the food was excellent, the music took her back to fondly remembered times and places. It was the best 2 hours I’ve had with my mom in as long as I can recall. Thank you again, Sasha, for making my mom’s evening so special.

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