Mom last filled her Aricept Rx on 7/22/14. While the insurance EOB helpfully cut off the left side of the statement exactly where it would tell me if it was a 30, 60 or 90 day supply, I could tell, on September 18th, without counting the remaining tablets, that there were far more than 30 pills left in the bottle. Probably 60+. (I take only one Rx med. It’s for migraine and comes in batches of 90, so I know what that looks like in a bottle) The August Rx statements show she hasn’t refilled, meaning the Aricept Rx had to be for more than 30 days, at least 60. She is good at refilling her prescriptions. The bottom line to all of this is: She’s not taking the Aricept regularly.

If I ‘confront’ or discuss this with her, it’ll be WWIII, including but not limited to:

  • I don’t have Dementia!
  • I don’t need help with my meds!
  • How DARE you look out for my health and safety!
  • I don’t need to take that drug!
  • I don’t notice any difference when I take that drug so why should I take it?!?!

It’s one of those impasses that I don’t think I’ll win. How hard should I push? Should I push?

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