A New Focus

I’ve shared many of my mother’s obsessive focuses: Evening fires, collections of cardboard boxes and fir cones, repeated conversations and assertions. We have a new Statement:

“The barns are practically empty.”
The barns are nowhere near empty. They aren’t nearly as full as they were when a) dad was alive, b) before they bought their mainland home and, c) before I started selling ceramic equipment for mom, but there’s a LOT of stuff in those two buildings. And much of what isn’t in the upper barn is now in the garage of their mainland home. I don’t know why it’s important to mom that I think the barns are practically empty. 
If anyone knows of an institution still using/teaching emulsion film processing, hit me up. I have more darkroom equipment looking for a home than you can shake a stick at. It’s one of the many, many items in the practically empty barns.

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