A 180…

I should have known or expected that my mom’s urgency, as expressed in her e-mail, regarding leasing the Mainland house would not persist. As we started to discuss it she said, “Well, there’s no hurry about this. I’m thinking by next summer.” I told her this was the polar opposite of what she’d written, which surprised her. 

I’m pretty sure what’s holding her back as she, literally, stares at the project, is she doesn’t know where to start and forgets that I’ve said we’ll get there together. We did walk around the house and identify all the big pieces of furniture that will go back to the Island and she self-assigned going through the books as a priority project, while saying how daunting even that felt. I suggested she review two shelves worth at a time.
Rather than get rolling on this, she wants to return to the Island tomorrow. Deep breath… I must learn not to get geared up by, what I must now call, my mother’s enthusiasms. 

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