We are in the middle of gutting our master bathroom. The other two bathroom remodels we’ve done were born of necessity, as is this one. A mystery leak, one that sent cascades of water down the exterior of the house, yet couldn’t be located, was the birth our current state of affairs. I can’t say I’m sorry! 

Upon reaching a good stopping point last week, but being still full of enthusiasm for the project, I picked up my drawing of the space only to be reminded I needed a protractor and triangle from my drafting supplies to confirm an angle in a wall before finishing the sketch. In my supplies are two protractors. I grabbed the bigger one and saw my mother’s maiden name written on it in what must have been Sharpie prototype. Her father was an engineer. He passed away while she was in college, some 60 years ago. In my hand was his tool with his writting on it. I can ‘feel’ the lettering of his last name. I’m so glad I have this tool and that it’s still relevant. 

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