Launching into the Holidaze

While we spent the day gladly slinging cash about in preparation for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, it doesn’t feel like the holidaze, oh, holidays! This isn’t too troubling as the main intent is to reflect on what we’re thankful for, thoughtfully choose gifts for others and be present in and enjoy each moment. These things I am easily doing, and maybe that in and of itself is a new definition of what the holidays feel like.

We’re hosting Thanksgiving this year. Dear readers, who have followed this journal for a while, will recall that last Thanksgiving was hosted at my in-laws (Really, Out-Laws, as we decided all those years ago that outlaws must have far more fun than in-laws). At that dinner party my mom intensely overindulged, to my great distress and embarrassment. Hosting Thanksgiving dinner here will help us keep a rein on alcohol distribution. In this moment I feel fairly calm about this momagement, especially since of the 10 confirmed guests, 5 of them wouldn’t bat an eye if wine wasn’t served with a holiday meal. Tea, sparkling juice and a glass of wine with dinner will be lovely.
Tomorrow I meet mom at the 3:00pm ferry. She’s bringing the turkey! I have such high hopes for her stay through the holiday. Not in terms of accomplishing anything specific but simply enjoying her company during a time that is focused on not a lot more than throwing a dinner party. A dinner party that tends to be a favorite of so many people as it focuses on what brings us together and what we are thankful for rather than what divides us societally and religiously. I am so thankful for my family, far and near.

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