Flip Flop

When mom and I were driving to our tiny hamlet from the ferry terminal, she asked if I could take her back on Friday (somewhat later today!). I said that was just fine. On Tuesday she said, “I was thinking about not a lot at all and thought I could stay longer than Friday if there was anything to get up to…” I assured her that was fine. I could accommodate anything she wanted to do. Today she asked, three times, if I could take her back to the ferry tomorrow (yes, later today ;->). We’re about to have a cold snap (temps into the low 20’s) and this propels her back to the Island. 

This, actually, is a clear sign of what positive part still remain of her cognition. Her ‘farm,’ complete with well, doesn’t enjoy sub-zero temps without supervision. She knows to leave faucets dripping. I doubt she knows how to turn off the agricultural water. Being there is half the battle. So, her base level instincts regarding the property are intact. Yay!!!! 

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