Old Cats

We have three cats. Two of them are elderly, being 13 and 15. The 15 year old is in great health but is deaf and has dementia. The 13 year old is medicated for hyperthyroidism and has a host of symptoms that are, well, down right annoying. I had the 13 year old into the vet last week for a check and to discuss said symptoms. The vet said the cat is suffering from some amount of kitty senility. We have two cats with dementia! 

Interestingly enough, they are expressing some of their dementia symptoms not unlike humans. Their personalities are condensing. One cat is content to sit and purr while sitting at a slight angle for long stretches of time. She’s always been happy and easy going. The other approaches the youngster cat (2.5 years  old), sniffs, swats and hisses at him. Her nic name is Syd Vicious… They both obsess over things. One about her food dish even when it’s full and the other about her hygene. How clean does a cat have to be? Yet the cleaner is, like humans, letting other things slip that in years past she Never would have. We’re talking litter box etiquette. She won’t, um, bury any longer. The deaf one is engrained in routines. She has a nibble at her food dish (in the garage) pops back into the house, pauses, yowls agonizingly (repeatedly) and then happily trots up the stairs to have a drink of water. Every single time. The yowl is impressive and unnerving.  
The youngster cat, not unlike caregivers, is starting to show signs of stress. He shows affection to the 15 year old (grooming her) and then suddenly bites at her. When she rolls over to play with him, he becomes too aggressive with her, out of the blue. The 13 year old, the swatter and hisser, is getting a little payback too. He’s ‘pushing’ at her here and there. 
Cat politics are one thing. It kinda looks like our own congress when you throw kitty dementia into the fray! 

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