Additional Rampant Spread of Misinformation`

None of this matters. And yet it does because it’s a symptom of how mom is at any given moment. 

The following is what mom told a client:
She and my dad lived in the Bay Area beginning in 1960. They bought their house in 1965 for $22,500 and sold it in 1985 for $364,000.
Reality is:
Mom bought the house in the Bay Area in 1967. She and dad married in 1971. She did indeed buy the house for $22,500. They sold the house in 1979 for $97,500. 
Mom is correct about the purchase price of her house.
Mom doesn’t recall the following (differences in stats included):
     * When she and my dad started their life together full time. 11 years.
     * The year she bought the house. 2 years.
     * The year she and dad sold the house. 6 years. 
     * The price they sold the house for. $266,500.
The underpinnings that anchor these memories to her foundations are slipping. The sales price of the house and the date that she and my dad started living together full time are the most startling to me. Again, in the greater scheme of her day, this doesn’t matter. As her daughter, caregiver, cheerleader and keeper of her history, it matters rather a lot. Yes, I have all the records to back this stuff up, but our oral history is so important to us as individuals, families and communities. It hurts knowing she’s losing her oral and written history. We, her village, will keep her content & safe and I will continue to write. 

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