Stealth Run II: Findings

In regards to the fraud case, now filed with the sheriff’s department, I found nothing relevant in the house, (invoices, biz cards, statements, etc.) but did take pictures of my mother’s car. The crook sloppily filled areas of mom’s bumpers with what looks like a mix of finely ground packing peanuts and silver paint, which washes off with the rain. She was taken hook, line and sinke.

I was able to meet with two neighbors who gave me relevant information regarding two additional times mom has made shitty financial choices. I found long expired things in the fridge, most notably a tin of cheese that’s 10 years out of date. How silly of me to have merely been focusing on medication. Her ability to organize anything that resembles paper is long gone. Since I last spent the night things have  gone downhill. I removed a few papers that can’t afford to be lost, paper I’ll need for her taxes, a few things that need to be recycled (she reuses printer paper that’s been used on one side, and then doesn’t know which side of the paper is current). A cluster fuck of the first order. There was more than a ream of this in a box below the printer. Now there are 50 sheets… We do what we can given the scope and ability to keep mom tracking without infringing on her dignity

That said, I am closer now than ever to muscling in on her self esteem. I have a plan to protect her cash assets in the interim, should the bank(s) think it feasible. Meanwhile I keep notes. This is so sad and heartbreaking. My mom lost a month’s pension because of her inability to filter out strangers approaching her on the street chatting her up about her wounded car.  

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