Birthday 2013

Today my husband and I picked up a spare bed at my mom’s Mainland home. With our younger children recently moved out in a definitive sort of way, and taking their furniture with them, we find ourselves short on things like spare beds. Who woulda thunk it? I asked mom, while discussing possible timing for leasing out her Mainland home, if we could adopt the extra bed now. She said, “Absolutely.”

Part of my mission is to reduce clutter, and thereby confusion, in my mother’s life. After we got the bed into the truck and were closing up the house, I saw a birthday gift bag from her 2013 birthday. I picked it up thinking I’d get rid of the crumpled paper inside it and then recycle the bag. It was too heavy. Inside I found two handmade birdseed ‘cakes,’ in the same box they’d been wrapped in, a pair of turquoise earrings personally made for her and two bamboo sticks with wire curlycues and tiny watering cans on them.  
I was kinda devastated to find that after she opened up these gifts 2 weeks after my father passed away, when we were holding her up with all of our might, and yes, when she was at an all time low, she not only forgot about them but has not once since then, 20 months ago, wondered ‘what’s in that colorful bag in the spare bedroom?’  And further, if she had noticed it, there’s a 50% chance, she would have tossed it. 
I’ll tuck the birdseed cakes into the suet cage, the bamboo sticks into small container plantings and will place the earrings somewhere in the house where she’ll find them. It’ll be like a brand new gift.

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