We all have things that make us feel secure. Funny things that make little or no sense when spied through the glass of logic.

My husband needs a box of Kleenex in every room of the house to feel secure. Some rooms are complicated or really big, requiring two boxes. Including the garage and bathrooms, we may have 16 boxes of Kleenex deployed in the house.
My cousin needs the fridge and pantry full at all times. We spent a lot of time together in 2012. Daughter #2 would get home and exclaim there were now two containers of pineapple, three of strawberries and two of grapes in the fridge. My cousin had to shop daily. When my daughter consolidated three bags of Cheetos into two, he went out and bought another bag. Heaven forfend we should run out of Cheetos (a familial failing).
Daughter #2 needs shoes. The snazzier and taller the better. When she moved out she was amazed at how many pairs of shoes she’d amassed. I can’t say for sure that they are a security thing for her, but I do know when she puts a 5″ pair of heels on, she loves that she’s taller than her 6′ step-dad!
Mom needs to burn a fire 99% of the year. She needs dessert even after putting half a chicken leg back on the platter because she “can’t eat another bite.”  And she needs to drive to town and have coffee at noon every day. It was her and my father’s routine. It gives her comfort. 
I need containers in my life. I probably should start selling Tupperware. Any vessel makes me swoon. A Pyrex with a cover, antique jars, wooden bowls, ceramic tea light holders… My head shrinker friend says it’s because I need control. That seems obvious once stated. We won’t talk about my fabric problems… I also make stock. I make stock because I like to make soups and stews. I make stock because I can’t let tired vegetables and herbs go to waste in the face of a freshly boned chicken. I make stock because my mom taught me how and it gives me comfort. It makes me feel secure.

And I suppose that’s what this post is about… As long as the not so logical things we collectively do are about our security and feeling safe and in control, that’s OK.

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