Our family friend, Tim, let me know that a memorial gathering for his son is tentatively happening in early March, in Canada. My first concern about attending was my mother’s passport. She and I talked about it two weeks ago, and she assured me her passport was up to date. I was dubious.

My parents last exercised their passports when they went to Greece, before my first child was one year old. They sent amazing post cards, one of them scary. It proclaimed they couldn’t afford to return home due to the price of food. Eating well in Greece was doable! They sailed the Aegean for a week. It was wonderful. It was over 30 years ago.

After receiving a note from Tim today re the memorial for his son, I knew I needed to drill the passport question deeper. The memorial is a month away. The passport website says it takes 4 and 6 weeks to obtain a new passport, on the same page…. 
I called mom today with information and dates in hand regarding the 2009 changes in the US/Canadian border law. She was not entertained when I asked her to make sure she had her passport, when did she last see it, was she sure she wasn’t thinking of her driver’s license (not all at once of, of course). She almost huffed that she carried it in her purse, then dug around and then said, “Here it is. It expires1/20/2016. They’re good for 10 years, you know.” I think she has a current passport…
Gonna be a shitty kid. When I pick her up to head to Canada, I’ll ask to see her passport, while handing her mine, to compare pictures. While now I’m pretty sure she has a current passport, I’m not going to miss our friend’s son’s memorial if it turms out that she doesn’t.

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