Quiet Time

Mom seems to be doing well. She seems content. This is huge as part of her personality trends toward being irascible, large & in charge and generally schoolmarm-ish . I hear from one of my deep sources that she’s helping another neighbor out who is unable to drive due to a medical situation. It’s SO interesting how her defensiveness can so easily coexist with her still overflowing empathy. I’m grateful for this every single day. 

I’m homing in on the details of the memorial we’ll be attending in Canada on or around the 1st of March. Reconnaissance. Ducks must be lined up less I get shot down due to anxiety, dementia or merely being a half century old know nothing kid ;->. I’ve learned to corral the edges and contingencies of a plan before presenting it to mom. That way I can answer her questions, rational or quirky, anticipate what might send her sideways and how to direct & sooth her, and (mostly) keep myself calm and collected in walking the path to…. explaining all the plans to someone who gets why we’re making the trip, but can’t track the minutia, other than what ferry she needs to walk onto so we can start our road trip when it docks. It must be scary if not terrifying for her. Particularly because she denies she has a problem. 

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