Corresponding with the Dead III

I called Mom on Monday, as planned, to follow up on her ‘return to sender’ e-mail question. A conversation I hoped would allow me to close the loop in her understanding/remembering that her friend and colleague, for whom she’s been writing/editing all of a sudden, had passed away some years ago.

Mom didn’t know what I was talking about. When I reminded her that she’d written to me asking about the ‘return to sender’ e-mail she received, she declared ‘messages like that are junk mail.’ I coaxed her further saying she’d mentioned writing to an author she used to edit for. She said, “We must be talking about two different things.” She then started talking about her e-mail finally ‘sending,’ saying that she’d turned off her computer, unplugged everything, plugged it back in, booted up and that fixed ‘the problem.’ In that moment, I thought she remembered Tom had passed away and was being diversionary.

Today she sent him another e-mail asking him for confirmation that he’s received her many correspondences over the last week. I’ll call her again and see where I get.

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