Bits & Pieces…

The subject line Bits & Pieces surely is the most often used header in blogs like this one. There are so many small observations, none of them earth shattering in and of themselves, yet significant in the moment they were happening.

When mom was here toward the end of last month, repeated stories aside, she asked over and over what we were doing next. Our schedule was pretty simple. A day arriving/shopping, a day going to work with me, a day to celebrate our family’s spring birthdays, and then, as it turned out, the next day to return her to the Island. Certainly some of of her questioning could have been for reassurance, but it sure seemed like she simply didn’t remember what we were doing in the moment: What time we’d gather for dinner each night (followed by phone calls asking again what time), what time I’d pick her up, whose birthday’s we were celebrating (many times), and finally a phone call that Saturday morning asking, “What are we getting up to today?” My husband reminded mom that we’d be picking her up at 11am, and then head over to daughter #2’s for our family’s spring birthday gathering. She’d forgotten the very reason she’d come to the Mainland. This, despite all the talk about whose birthday’s we were celebrating, what would be a good gift for them, where we were gathering, and who would be at the party.
In other news, mom has been complaining of being light headed. This started with an episode on the 3rd when she woke from a nap with a start, feeling like she wasn’t getting enough air. I asked her to go to the doctor. She said she would the following day. She didn’t go to the doc in the following days, saying she, 1) was feeling better and, 2) was too occupied with things at the house. When we talked last night she told me she’d been feeling light headed since noon. This time she said she had an appointment with a new doctor the next day (today). I haven’t called her yet to see how her appointment went. 
Mom has a new comment when we chat. She tells me her bills are all paid and ‘on time.’ Daughter #1 and I were comparing notes on our conversations with mom today. When my daughter told me her grandmother has been making this same comment to her, I knew it was remarkable. It’s very likely an Island bill slipped throught the cracks and mom received a call or late notice regarding the bill, and now she’s reactive to the whole situation even though we have no context. 
Another comment mom has made to me is that she’s ‘all caught up on the paper.’ Of all of these bits and pieces, this is the one I can laugh about. Mom and paper: Mortal enemies. There’s no way she’s ‘caught up’ on all the paper. But that’s probably ok. 

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