Department of Licensing ~ Countdown

Recall the letter from the Department of Licensing my mother received in late April. The letter giving her 60 days to have a doctor sign on the bottom line that mom is OK to drive. When she received the letter, she and I had a couple of conversations where I encouraged her to simply make an appointment with the doc and get it signed. At that time she was in the middle of deciding to change doctors, believing her GP of many decades was in collusion with the neurologist who made the, obviously ridiculous diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Mom saw a new doctor upon feeling light headed for a number of days. I asked her about the appointment, completely forgetting about the letter from the state, as I was far more concerned about my mom needing to take naps mid-day, and feeling, as she put it, spun out. Mom said the new doc spent the entire visit encouraging her to attend grief counseling. Not bad advice. I asked mom what the doc said about her light headedness. Mom said it never really came up.

I have NO idea if she had the new doc sign the letter from the state. Did the letter cease to exist when covered up with something else? Did it get ‘filed’ somewhere, rendering it a fleeting blip on her radar, did she recycle it by accident? On the other hand, she may well have taken it to the appointment and gotten it signed. I simply don’t know.¬†
If she’s lost and forgotten about the letter, losing her license again, will surely cause grief for many of us. I don’t wish to sound, again, like this is such a terrible burden to those who take care of and look out for mom, but it wasn’t pretty last time. Her internal resourcefulness was, on a scale of 1 to 10, about -1. I am of mixed mind. On the one hand, I don’t want her to go through the indignity of losing her license, this time over her inability to handle paperwork. On the other, it would be best if she wasn’t driving.

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