Leasing the Mainland House

Mom is sure in her decision to remain on the Island. To the point that she wants to bring back furniture that she and my father moved to their mainland house. I’m totally suuportive of this. 

Her Island home shows years of fire place smoke damage. I’ve suggested, now that the chimney is fixed (at my instigation) that she have the Island house repainted Before we move furniture back. Mom thinks this is a great idea. She has always been an amazing painter, and taught me 80% of what I know about painting. Painting hasn’t happened for 8 months now. When I ‘took her to task’ about it, I got no end of push back and excuses. She thinks she can do this chore like she and my dad used to. I’ve suggested again and again that she hire someone to get it done in 2.5 days. Her heels are dug in. 
Logicallly, until the painting is done, one shoudn’t move additional furniture into her Island home. Until the furniture is OUT of her mainland home, I can’t get the mainland property leased. Mom is all about getting the mainland property leased, but can’t do what it takes to get her Island home painted… Conundrum! 
Additionally, there are repairs that need to be taken care of before the mainland house can be leased: An inoperable jetted bathtub in the master bedroom needs removal, and its associated plumbing and electrical attended to. The outbuilding’s roof is of dubious character. These repairs, and a half dozen others, can’t take place until the mainland house is empty. The house can’t be emptied until mom paints her Island home. I see a storage unit in my future! 

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