Fixing Leaks on the Roof!

Mom has had a small leak around the kitchen oven vent for some time. When I called last night she told me, in detail, how she was going to get up on the, flat, roof today and caulk this transgression into submission. My instant reaction was alarm. This was quickly replaced by resignation. There’s no way I can stop mom from climbing up on the roof from afar. Even if we were both on the Island, the best outcome would be to address the problem together, which still has her up on the roof. Despite being tottery, mom is pretty darn spry for 80. The totteriness comes from the faltering focus that comes with dementia, rather than an actual physical problem. 

This evening’s report was of success. She found the offending area, and caulked it within an inch of its life. She joked that it has yet to rain to prove her fix. It’s supposed to rain on Sunday. Our weather is unseasonably warm, 80’s – 90’s. Sunday could see thunder storms! Her fix may have its test sooner than she thinks. I bet it holds. She’s good at this stuff.
She next talked about going for a swim in the lake across the road, some time tomorrow. Again, alarm to resignation. She’s an excellent swimmer. The chances for something to go sideways are far greater in a lake, than a swimming pool. She said there are lots of adults and kids enjoying the lake. It’s not like she’d be swimming alone. I have to be OK with her going about her life on the Island. She’s content.

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