Dad’s College Obit

Starting in early spring my dad’s first wife, Carole, began coaching my mom to get at obituary published in their college newsletter. The communications that went back and forth about this were many, and repetitive in nature. Mainly it was my mom asking Carole for the same information over and over. Carole finally called me in frustration, both about why the obit wasn’t getting done, and why mom kept asking for the same information. We’re talking months of communication. It was at this point that I came clean with Carole about what was going on with mom. She was, as always, very concerned, kind, and supportive.

The obituary was published in the most recent edition of the newsletter! Carole writes (with places changed to maintain anonymity): “And as often it is the case in genealogical information,the facts may be a little faulty.  Dad attended  college #1 in southern California before he entered the service. He was already out of the service when he first became a student at college #2 in southern California. And, he joined the Armed Forces Security Agency known as the ASA. I don’t think that it was part of the Signal Corp at that time.”

Despite Carole’s repeated information feed, and my mom’s prior editing and writing skills, not to mention being married to my dad for 41 years (and having known him for over 50 years), she scrambled the itinerary of the milestones of his life, the milestones important enough to place in an obituary. As Carole said later in her note: “It’s amazing how ones life can be summarized in one short paragraph.” I wish mom had gotten it right.

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