T-minus 2

We’ve had a good day. I picked up mom at the ferry terminal at noon. She broke out apples from the tree, having decided to bring just a few, as we got in the car. They were welcome. These transport days always leave one skating over meals somehow.

Mom was surprised, upon seeing daughter #2’s car, and asked whose car it was. I told her about taking the SUV on our trip a week or so ago. She really liked the car and mentioned it again and again. It’s sized for a woman somehow. Mom’s car, a Honda Odessey, is ginormous, and she never knows where its edges are. The SUV pleased her to no end. 
We stopped at Cabelas where I found a new soft cooler. Mom was impatient to look at the archery equipment, and so we glanced at women’s boots without spending enough time to mine the depths of the department. The archery section has changed since the mid-1950’s, when mom was a national champion archer. She seemed disappointed that this part of Cabelas wasn’t about long bows and wooden arrows any longer. I explained that bow hunting was a huge thing now. She was surprised, and somehow alright understanding that bow hunting is an active sport. Maybe because there’s something more fair about it. 
After getting to mom’s mainland home, to the market for a couple of things for her breakfast tomorrow, and then back home, I caught up on work/band/personal business for two hours. 
Mom wanted to know what we were up to this evening. I told her it was a surprise. She had a hard time grasping I wasn’t going to tell her what we were up to. Patiently, I answered her questions: It’s casual dress. If there’s no dinner-like food there, we’ll go out after. Timing depends on when my hubby gets home. I left her with almost nothing to hang her hat on, and she did great! We took her to a friend’s gig. A John Cash tribute band. She was ecstatic! The band was playing about 3 miles from the house. I could tell after two hours she was ready to go to dinner. I said, “Let’s head to supper.” We got half way across the venue when the band started their next song. She stopped, said she wanted to listen to the song, and returned to the table! We headed to a local Thai restaurant as the band played their final song for the evening: Folsom Prison Blues. Dinner was flawless. We took her back to her place, fixed her TV and showed her how to use the radio again, answered her query about what we were doing tomorrow, for the fifth time, and headed home. 

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