T-minus 1: Martinis

Today was a mix (aren’t most days?). Mom and I didn’t find any riding boots for her, though I found some amazing studded boots for stage wear for me. $30! She’s got her eye on Goodwill stores as we get closer to the Ranch. I think she’s on to something.

After picking up a few things, that can only be found (in our area) at Whole Foods, we paused for lunch, and then went to Verizon so I could pick up a car charger for my phone. Mom has been turned around by her cell phone for some time. She doesn’t understand why she’s still being billed for the service if her phone doesn’t work. She doesn’t believe that she has two cell phones at her Island home. She does. She brought a Smasung phone with her, saying it didn’t work. I asked if she wanted to look at getting a new phone. We had the whole conversation about what it might cost. It’s hard to explain that matrix to someone who doesn’t understand the bare essentials of cell phones, aka cell phone 101.  When we got to Verizon, the amazing gal who helped us confirmed for me that the Samsung phone was not the active phone on the account. The phone mom insists she doesn’t have is the active phone on the account. Mom was still sure she didn’t have an additional cell phone! She was very confused about how her cell number could be transfered to a new phone. I assured her a number of times this was easily done. She decided to buy a new simple flip phone. All of a sudden it clicked for her. She got a little huffy and asked, “Well, why am I buying a new phone? Can’t we just reactivate this (the Samsung) phone?” I looked at the sales associate with wide eyes and asked, “How old is the Samsung?” It was about 10 years old. I lead the conversation with the sales gal right there with me. Yes, it was likely an analog phone, the new one would have far better reception, better battery life, etc… I assured mom that spending $40 in a new phone (a black one that she ought to be able to discern from the other two silver ones) was a good decision. I’ll be at her Island home on he 4th and will remove the other two cell phones to mitigate confusion in this area.
Last night when we dropped mom off after dinner, and got the TV going again, I notice the the dregs of a martini on the table. This evening, when she called to find out when I was picking her up, she sounded a tad potted. My husband reminded her I was scheduled to pick her up in 5 minutes, let me know how she sounded, and gave me a sypathetic sigh. Mom answered the door, and then walked back into the living room. As I asked if she was ready to go, she said she just wanted to finish her ‘nip.’ Another martini. We had a good dinner, and shared a fifth of wine amongst the three of us, meaning mom had two small glasses. She welcomed help down the stairs to the car, and was ok walking into her house. 
This evening when I picked mom up she complained that her TV wasn’t working. I reminded her that we’d gotten it up and running the night before. She exclaimed that she didn’t recall, and asked what the problem had been. I reminded her in spare detail. As I walked her into her house this evening, I asked if she wanted to watch TV or ‘hit the hay.’ She again said the TV wasn’t working. I showed her it was just fine. Again she asked what the problem had been.
After dinner, and talk about our trip to the Ranch, mom started singing folk songs that resonated about cowboys and the old west. She’d sing a few, and then askd if she’d sung Song A or B. We said she had, and she went ahead and sang them again. She did this for about an hour, cycling through the same four songs. It was just fine to sing the same songs over and over, but the martini factor likely had something to do with this. 
On the way over from mom’s to our place and back again, daughter #2’s car squawked about mom not putting her seatbelt on. Buckling our seatbelts is such an automatic, reflexive response when we sit in a car seat. I’m going to chalk this up to martinis. 
Mom asked twice this evening what we were getting up to tomorrow. I chose to answer in the very next step sort of way: “I’ll pick you up at 8:45. We’ll have breakfast, and hit the road.”
We had severe winds in our region today. Tree frass rained everywhere. This evening mom said she spent the afternoon sweeping and cleaning up tons of tree refuse…from trees that weren’t hers. “They’re my neighbor’s trees.” Forgive me my internal impatience, ‘Gee Ma, the two western red cedars in your front yard don’t shed frass in 60+ MPH winds??’
Oooommmmm, It’s gonna be a great road trip. I’m banking on it!!

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