Day 6 – Back to the Island

Today’s missions were accomplished. Costco, Trader Joe’s, and back to mom’s Island home, in a very full Subaru. Shopping, never a favorite activity of mine, took less time than I expected as mom (who has been hankering for this shopping expedition for a long time) really didn’t want to buy much! I was very surprised.
Upon mom’s suggestion, we headed to the ferry terminal to see if we could get on an earlier boat and, praise be to God, we did!!! The last thing I want to do is hang out in the ferry terminal with my mama for three hours!
This afternoon and evening showed a magnification of forgetfulness over last night. One difference is, I know mom hadn’t been drinking until we sat down to dinner at 7:30, when she had wine. She couldn’t remember (multiple, and sometimes many times):
  • That I was only staying tonight.
  •  What we were having for dinner.
  • If I wanted salad with, or after dinner.
  • If we’d have breakfast together tomorrow.
  • What we’d have for breakfast tomorrow.
  • What boat I was taking tomorrow.
  • That I’d be staying at Tim’s cabin.
  • That I didn’t need to check in with Tim’s wife. ~This she got a tad testy about.
  • That I wouldn’t be visiting with Tim’s wife.
  • That Tim is out of state at the moment.
  • Whether it was still September (on the 4th).

I want to give this uptick in forgetfulness excuses: The trip, mainly, hit her compensatory skills hard, yet we’re back in familiar territory now. I’m scared it’s the path…
Mom started a fire this evening. The flue was closed. I jumped to open it and failed, not really understanding how it works. Mom took over while I opened doors as the smoke billowed into the house. She asked if the smoke was still coming in. When I told her it was, she sort of gave up, and said she didn’t know what to do. I zipped over and said we needed to put the fire out, and smothered it. This, accompanied by her profound lack of recall, spooked me.
After our arrival, mom returned to town to shop at the grocery. I went through the piles of paper. The bills are getting paid. The paper is an unmitigated disaster. There used to be, a year ago, some attempt at organizing. Last year she bought an alpha folder, which I found in a different section of the house from where she pays bills, to file in. Let’s just say it hasn’t been used this year. The paper looks like a game of 52-card pick up, but done with half a ream of 8.5 x 11 paper. While I’ve removed all tax related items and unpaid charity requests, etc., I need to get even bolder about hauling paper out of there. It’ll clear up her space, and she’ll never miss it. Who the hell needs paid phone and electric bills cluttering up their lives?
We picked apples this afternoon. It was the best part of the day. No one has to remember anything, mom can supervise to her heart’s content, I can make agreeable noises and do as I need to with the unwieldy 12 foot ladder she insisted we use. As it happens there are four (!) trees producing! We likely have 20 pounds picked with 100’s to come. Makes me wish I could get up here every week to pick! I’ll take home whatever mom doesn’t want to keep, and start making apple butter in the crockpot. I gives me a sense of control, and makes the house smell amazing!
I truly don’t know if mom is living on borrowed independent time. Well, obviously she is, but I’ve been thinking in terms of years. The last couple of days make me suddenly wonder if my time-frame is out to lunch.

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