Mom takes 4 prescription medications on a regular basis. She also takes an additional 3 OTC supplements, (2 different vitamin B’s and Melatonin). My kid, the nurse, tells me this is almost unheard of in a person of her grandmother’s age (80). It’s mostly standard stuff: Thyroid, Cholesterol, and BP. The one non-standard med is Donepezil, aka Aricept, a med to help with memory impairment.

Tonight I did an audit of mom’s prescription EOB statements from her insurance company, to make sure she’s refilling her meds on schedule. Everything looks good, January through July (I don’t have the August Statement yet), except for the Aricept.

There are 212 days January 1st through July 31st. The prescription statements show Aricept being (re)prescribed to fill 105 days during the same time frame. Cost is not an object ($5 copay).

I called mom’s new doctor’s office today, and faxed them my DPOA. My huge concern is that mom hasn’t signed a medical records release for her former physician. She’s trying to evade the dementia diagnosis. I know the new doc knows mom is on Aricept, and has to have approved the last three refills of Aricept.

The loop I need to close, to assure continuity of care, is to make sure the new doc has the records from the former doc. I won’t feel secure until I know this knowledge transfer has taken place.

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