Scrambled Eggs

My father-in-law moved from the hospital to hospice yesterday afternoon. I am so incredibly proud of my mother-in-law for being able to gracefully take in the ever shrinking decision making timeline (The doctor says we’ll make the hospice decision in 48 hours, and it turns into 18) with her bottomless well of practicality. My heart aches for my husband, having walked this path myself, and held my children’s hands when they lost their father. Particularly, I mourn my father-in-law’s incapacity. He lived a global, purposeful, and vibrant life. While anything other than waking up dead, or simply keeling over, seems an entirely unfair ending for any of us, this man certainly did not deserve this lingering and disabled end.

This morning I made myself two scrambled eggs with very thinly sliced salami just like my dad used to make me when I was a kid. After tamping down any embers at the office, I’ll go hang out with my father-in-law for a while.

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