Big Wind

My intent was to post this last night, but we lost power:

11/17/2015 It’s blowing something fierce here. Gusts likely to 65-70 knots. I know of what I speak. The power is flickering, candles have been lit to appease the power outage Gods. If we lose power, our sewer pump won’t work, and there’s only a 250 gallon cistern for storage before unmentionable things start backing up in the downstairs bathtub! (Yes, we could go to mom’s mainland house 2 blocks away, but it’s too dangerous to go outside.) We really need to install a big grey-water diversion system. That, or figure out our generator! It should be easy: Flip the GenTran switch (takes the house off the grid), get the generator outside (is currently in the garage), gas it up (gas can is currently at Daughter #2’s along with the pressure washer…), plug the generator into the GenTran circuit box, fire up generator, choose and use the resulting electricity sparingly. So far, so good re the power.

When I was a teenager, living at my parents’ Island home, we lost electricity regularly. And the winds blew like stink, tho we were much further from the water than me and my husband’s home is today. It blew so frighteningly hard that my parents removed big (2-3′ circumference) trees from around the house. It hurt all of our hearts to do so, but it was a matter of life and death when the water table was high, and storms thought nothing of clocking sustained winds of 45-50 knots with gusts to 70. Kind of like what’s happening right now at our place!
I called mom yesterday, and today to check in with her. She had heard about the storm, and moved the car away from the big Oriental Spruce, telling me she and dad always did so when storms were coming in. I was charmed as I never knew that was their protocol. She said the wind blew all night, and the power had been out today, but she was just fine. She’d gone to town three times today, and chuckled that due to the power outage she’d had a hard time keeping track of the time, saying she was “Scrambled.” I was relieved to hear her sounding so content, and cheerful.
We made initial Thanksgiving travel arrangements. The wind ought to calm down by then.
11/18/2015 Damage Report:
     *Two windows taken out. We are hoping one, a lovely garden window in our downstairs bathroom, can be repaired. The other was on a longterm replacement list. 
     *Two gutters taken out. What ever hit the second window managed to hit the intersection of two gutters on its way to shatter the window.
     *The leading support edge of the chicken coop roof. Not big deal. The chicken’s sense of safety is another matter.
     *Trees. Trees we never thought we’d consider taking out are all up for scrutiny tomorrow when the arborist comes. It makes me sad to contemplate this. The hits we took were expensive but manageable. Several near misses scattered around the property would not have been categorized as such had they actually hit the house.

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