Memory Malaise

Since Tuesday evening, when mom moved over to our place for a sleepover of unknown length, her memory has taken an amazing hit. When she is away from her Island home her compensatory skills take a dive. Staying at our place has flushed those skills down the loo. Below are questions asked listed by day, and how many times she asked them. Keep in mind, she was not able to hold the context from the answer of one question and apply it to her next question. Each query stands alone:

Q: What are we doing tomorrow? 
A: Waiting to hear from the furnace people, and then meeting them at your house.
6 times
Q: Did we turn off the heat (at her house)?
A: Yup, the furnace isn’t working!
1 time
Q: What are we doing today:
A: Waiting for the furnace people to make contact between 2PM-6PM.
8 times
Q: Do the furnance people know to call your house rather than mine?
A: Yes, both the front desk and dispatch.
2 times
Q: (after 2:30 had rolled by, and with attitude approaching anger) If the furnace people don’t call by 5, we should call them! (or some varient).
A: Sure thing, Mom. (Or some agreeable response).
5 times
Q: Is the bird defrosted?
A: Yes.
6 times
Q: Shouldn’t we take the bird out of the fridge?
A: It’s OK to keep it in the fridge. It’s defrosted now. I’ll take it out first thing tomorrow morning.
6-8 times
Q: What are we doing tomorrow?
A: Going to Daughter #2’s for Thanksgiving!
12 times
Q: Where are we going tomorrow?
A: To Daughter #2’s for Thanksgiving! (Subtle difference here)
4 Times
Q: What time are we going to Daughter #2’s?
A: We’ll leave at 3:30 (this changed, of course!)
8-10 times
Q: Who’s going to be at Thanksgiving (and variants on the query)?
A: Named all the guests
2 times
Q: What are we doing tomorrow morning?
A: Making the dressing and a pecan pie!
15 times
Q: Where are we cooking the turkey?   Or, Are we cooking the turkey here?
A: At Daughter #2’s.
5 times
Q: How long will it take to cook the turkey?
A: 35 minutes (deep fry)
4 times
Q: (After returning from meeting the furnance tech) This is your house, and that (pointing in the wrong direction) is my house, right?
A: Yes, mom, that’s right.
1 time
Q: What time are we heading over to Daughter #2’s?
A: 3:30 (when this changed to 2:30 we let mom know).
6 times
Q: When are we serving the champagne? (which she brought~there was plenty of wine w/out the bubbly)
A: (I dumped this into Daughter #2’s lap ~ she was a champ) Grandma, why don’t we have the champagne at XXXX because of YYYYY? (All of this was delay tactics. Mom wanted to drink, we wanted to curb her dinking. In the end, she forgot about the bubbly, at least for the evening!)
3 times
Q: Where’s my room? (Once home, she was heading downstairs, not where her room is)
A: Right down this hall mom.
2 times
If all I had to do was answer the same questions over and over, that’d be easy. Next chapter coming soon…

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